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Why choose a Mailmark franking machine?

By August 20, 2021News

A franking machine is a convenient, cost-effective way of paying postage and preparing outgoing mail for sending. It places a franking mark on the envelopes and postage labels that are passed through it to indicate that postage has been paid. Mailmark® from the Royal Mail is the most up-to-date franking impression. Its 2D barcode carries more information about the item being sent.

Why choose a mailmark franking machine?

Some current and earlier models aren’t Mailmark franking machines, they use the standard ‘town and crown’ franking marks. However, businesses need to prepare because from 1 January 2023, Royal Mail will no longer accept use of non-Mailmark franking marks.

It has decided to decertify the older standard because Mailmark provides the best accuracy and efficiency for processing mail.

What are the benefits of changing to a Mailmark franking machine?

Quadient’s Mailmark franking machines meet a range of business needs with six clear reasons for managing mail in this way:

  1. Postage cost savings
    Mailmark ensures the lowest franking tariffs with up to a 28 per cent discount compared to stamps and savings against standard franking machines. Those savings add up and help businesses ensure they’re optimising cost efficiency for outgoing mail. With a modern machine, you can manage your postage account from the comfort of your desk, recredit direct and save time calculating the right postage.
  2. No additional phone line charge
    Older franking machines required a phone line. Our latest machines use LAN connections so you can save the monthly phone line rental charge you were paying. You can connect the franking machine to the internet so that it utilises your broadband speed for quick and easy software downloads and tariff updates. Those updates mean that franking prices are always the latest, so mail is correctly franked and there is no risk of annoying surcharges for underpayment.
  3. Ongoing support
    When it comes to customer communications, mail is of great importance. That’s why, at Quadient you are never far from expert help. From an extensive pool of experienced field engineers to the UK based call centre and easy online self-service options, help is on hand, along with a vast amount of technical information. Quadient invests in support services to ensure your mail continues to flow quickly and efficiently.
  4. Continuous investment to make mail easier
    Quadient’s investment in mail enables us to offer new mailing choices with advanced Mailmark franking machines, mail management software and hybrid mail solutions all available.
  5. High customer rating
    Satisfied customers are extremely important to Quadient and that’s why we’re proud of our Trustpilot rating of 4.7*. The team works tirelessly to support customers and ensure they have the right solutions for efficient and effective communications.

A Quadient franking machine helps make mail processing cheaper, easier, and quicker. By transitioning to Mailmark, companies stand to maximise the benefits they gain from franking mail instead of adding stamps. With a range of machines available to suit all volumes and types of mail that businesses regularly send, and a whole raft of features for managing postage spend and monitoring usage across your business, find out how Quadient can help you get the most out of a Mailmark franking machine.

*Rating as of 16/08/21