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The perks of direct mail for business communication

By October 27, 2021October 28th, 2021News

Is email better than direct mail?

Since they have been invented emails have increased in popularity. Future predictions claim a whopping 367.5 billion emails will be sent in 2025. This unstoppable growth comes at the expense of the much-favoured communications channel: direct mail. The shift has been consistent, and now businesses typically rely much more on email than direct mail regarding customer communication. But is it the right choice?

Although businesses commonly think that digital is better than physical communication, there are several cases in which direct mail is better than email. Let’s talk about the most important.


Is the contact information correct? Changing an email address is free and takes very little time. The average office worker receives 126 emails per day, which can help explain why 57% of email addresses are abandoned. This decreases the deliverability of emails, as users simply tend to abandon email addresses because they are receiving too much communication. The same can’t be said for a home address; after all, not many people change their home address because they receive too much communication, right?

Open rate

The difference is truly impressive. Digital Marketers know that in exceptional cases, they can reach up to a 30% open rate by using emails. Instead, according to research, direct mail gets opened in 90% of the cases! This ultimately means that businesses that adopt mail have extremely good chances that their communication will be opened.

Attention required

Usually, not many people consider this aspect, but not every type of communication needs the same level of focus to be read and interpreted. Even if this aspect doesn’t get the attention deserved, it can still make a difference. Compared to email, direct mail will require readers to use an astonishing 21% less cognitive effort. Ultimately, the absence of other distracting elements makes mail easier to be understood, and this can be very relevant especially if the communication contained is important.


Once a communication gets read, how well it’s remembered by customers? Also, in this case, direct mail overtakes email strongly. According to studies, 44% of those who receive digital communication recall a brand quickly after seeing it, whereas for physical communication it increases to 75% of the people.

Response rate

Often, business communication is not just transactional as is meant to generate an answer from customers. Studies show emails generated a tiny 0.12% response rate. This further confirms the low engagement that is connected to this channel. By contrast, data shows that direct mail generates a response rate of up to 4.4%.


Another common belief is that younger generations only consider the digital word. But it doesn’t seem like it’s actually true by looking at research. Millennials are more likely to engage in a call to action more often if they receive this via mail instead of email.

Rediscover Direct Mail

In summary, mail compared to email is more likely to be sent to the correct address, be opened, demands less attention to be understood, is easier to remember, more likely to receive an answer and prompt readers to take action. It is clear that direct mail it’s still alive and has so much to offer to business communications!

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