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Physical Mail or Digital Mail?

By October 6, 2021News

Is digital better than physical communication for your customers?

It’s almost taken for granted Digital communication is the best way to communicate with customers. However, as digital noise has increased, people are over-loaded with messages. There’s a pressing need for businesses to find better ways to communicate. This applies particularly to small and medium businesses that must invest in their resources carefully and where every customer relationship is critical. Physical mail is the answer.

The problem with digital communications


Obviously, digital communication has its own perks. But does it stand out? According to research conducted last year, the average person spends six and a half hours per day consuming digital media! Unfortunately, the bar to grab consumer’s attention has been increasing. Emails, websites, chats, social media, podcasts, streaming services, applications, you name it… it’s no secret that it has become a difficult task to cut through the digital noise for businesses. 


There is an urgent need to find alternatives for businesses that still want to connect with their customers. Adopting a customer-focussed approach and focusing on the methods that have the most impact is a game-changer in this landscape. 

Physical Mail – How to deliver engaging communications


Recent studies in the UK found that 70% of consumers felt more valued by an organisation when they received physical communication. Furthermore, 65% of respondents stated that they are more likely to give their full attention to mail. Businesses have long undervalued printed communication as digital mania took hold, but customers clearly still value mail! Indeed, an astonishing 70% of the population surveyed thought better of the company that sends them letters.

Businesses must ask themselves, especially small and medium-sized organisations, how important it is for them to engage their customers. They need to meet their preferences on how they wish to be contacted.


Considering the amount of time spent by everyone in the digital world, it shouldn’t be so shocking that physical communications stand out to customers. Since most customers clearly love mail, companies should make the most of this, rather than be distracted by the digital rush.

The perfect companion of physical communications


Businesses that want to increase their engagement with their customers must seriously think about printed mail. If things like costs, the monotony of sticking stamps and the time spent queuing at the post office have made them avoid mail, there is a solution to these problems.


Franking machines allow businesses to send letters and parcels in a smart, efficient way. Thanks to Royal Mail tariffs, companies that adopt a franking machine can enjoy cost savings when compared to stamps. Nevertheless, that’s not everything. Franking machines offers loads of other benefits to businesses that want to consider physical communication, such as time-saving, remote management and better branding.


It has never been more difficult for businesses to stand out and engage customers with their brands. Printed communication combined with a franking machine can help companies achieve better customer engagement while providing a better return on investment than traditional methods. Finally, the good news is that now, for the first time in the UK, you can rent a franking machine online in just a few clicks!

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