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Improve mailing efficiency with a franking machine

By September 2, 2021News

A franking machine provides a range of benefits compared to using stamps. Businesses can better manage costs and convey the right professional image through their mail by franking post. In this blog, we take a look at the efficiency benefits of a franking machine.

Sending out mail can be a time-consuming activity. It involves printing documents, gathering together inserts, folding and inserting these into envelopes, addressing, adding postage and going to the Post Office. A franking machine helps make efficiency savings which can go back into serving customers and growing the business.

It does this by taking care of repetitive, manual and time-consuming activities involved in adding postage to mailings. It improves efficiency in three ways:

  • No need to buy stamps

Going to the Post Office to buy stamps and hunting around for stamps in the office when you need them takes time. Time is wasted if the search is futile because you’ve run out of stamps or don’t have the right ones in stock. A franking machine can re-credit postage online, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. That means no more queuing in line to buy stamps; it’s all taken care of without leaving the office.

  • Better mailing list management

Keeping mailing lists up to date is important to maximise the results from marketing campaigns and to ensure customer communications reach their mark. Post that goes undelivered is wasted time and money.

However, you don’t always know when a customer, or potential customer’s, details have changed. With a franking machine you have the option to add your return address onto the franking imprint. If mail goes undelivered, it could be returned, giving you the opportunity to investigate what went wrong and update your mailing database.    

  • Simple postage calculations

The cost of postage is determined by the item’s size, weight and mail class – 1stor 2nd Class for example. To take all these into account can mean working out postage manually takes time. A franking machine significantly reduces that time. How? An integrated weighing scale and rate wizard makes postage calculation a simple and quick thing to do. You no longer have to look up rates and calculate postage manually.   Technology can help improve efficiency in business processes, including outgoing mail management. By being more efficient, you can increase productivity in your business and reinvest the time saved to benefit customers and innovation. To find out more about the efficiency benefits of franking your business mail, take a look at Quadient’s range of franking machines