Does franking cost less than stamps?

Yes, it does! Royal Mail applies a discount for franked mail – it is up to 28% less than a stamp. Click here to view a complete price comparison between franking and stamps.

Are there any additional charges?

There are no additional charges. You only have to pay for the postage you use, the ink consumed and your monthly rental. The IS-280c has an advanced scale that allows you to weigh letters and parcels with precision, avoiding paying more than you should.

Is my data secure with Quadient?

Yes! This website uses bank level security; you can check this by clicking the ‘Secure GlobalSign’ logo at the foot of the page. All payments are processed via Stripe a trusted global leader in payment processing. Additionally, Quadient has a recognised Information Security Management System (ISO 27001). We’re also regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and we’re approved by Royal Mail.

How much does the shipping cost?

Shipping is free of charge.

Is the machine brand new?

Yes! We will send you a brand new machine and not a second-hand one, unlike other manufacturers.

How long does the delivery take?

Typically, it takes five working days to set up your licence with Royal Mail and get the machine delivered to your address.

What if there is a problem or the machine breaks down?

You will be supported by a UK based contact centre that can solve most issues over the phone. The advanced IS-280c includes remote diagnostics, and if this does not fix the problem, we will send a new machine to you. Be reassured that Quadient has a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot derived from over 2,000 customers reviews (May 24th, 2021).

What is the term of the contract?

You can choose between a 12-month or 24-month agreement.

How many letters per day can the machine send?

The IS-280c is suited to the needs of small and medium sized businesses sending up to 20 letters and parcels per day. If you are sending more, contact us to discuss larger machines.

Is service included?

Yes, service is included with UK based telephone support and, should it be needed, a replacement machine.

Can I send Signed For (Recorded)/Special Delivery mail? Do I take this to the Post Office?

Yes, you can pay for these products with your franking machine and drop them at a post office to get a receipt and tracking number.

How do I post franked mail?

You can post franked mail in your nearest post box using metered mail envelopes, which can be used to post up to 30 items per day. You can also hand it in at your local Post Office or post it in a franked mailbox.

Can I frank parcels?

Yes, you can pay for parcels by franking a label and affixing this to your parcel.

What are the IS-280c’s specifications?

Click here to view the product brochure.

How to pay for the mail?

You can easily manage your postage account, make payments, and set up alerts on MyQuadient – your online account. Once we send you your account number, signing up will be easy and free, and you will be able to benefit from plenty of additional functionality by joining our customer portal. For example, you can access our Eshop or use Nina – our virtual assistant which is available 24/7 – so that you can get the help you need, whenever you need it.

How long do ink cartridges last?

With Quadient, you will have peace of mind by not worrying about constantly controlling the ink levels. With Auto-Ink, the machine will know when your ink cartridge is about to finish and will order a new one for you. With an ink cartridge, you will typically be able to frank over 2,000 letters, so for a typical business it should last more than a year.

Can I print my company logo on the envelopes?

Yes! With the IS-280c, you can increase the visibility of your business by adding your company logo to every envelope that you frank.

How do you use a franking machine?

Sending your mail with the IS-280c is extremely fast and easy. You only have to complete four steps:

  1. Weigh-in the item (envelope or parcel) on the inbuilt scales of your IS-280c.
  2. Select the class of the mail you would like to use.
  3. Select any further requirements (such as Airmail), the message, and the logo you would like to see franked on your item.
  4. Place the envelope (or a label for parcels) upwards on the feeder and feed it into the IS-280c. The correct postage will be printed on your item and you will be ready to send this to your customers.

That’s all there is to it!